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What we Belive at Pendleton United Methodist Church Pendleton SC 29670

What Is PUMC

PUMC is a Christian Community that believes we are called to share our faith by the way we live and care for those around us. Here at Pendleton UMC, you will be cared for and called upon to care for others.

For over 175 years, Pendleton United Methodist Church has reflected God’s love into the Pendleton Community. As the world continues to progress and grow more complex, we know that God’s love for the world today, the same as yesterday, will forever be unchanging. We believe that His love heals us and empowers us to interact with others in such a way that transforms families, relationships and the world.

We hope that you will find PUMC to be a church that welcomes your questions and doubts along with your opinions as you explore the larger questions of life and faith. We are glad you are here and our hearts are open to you.

Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs


We believe that our faith is lived out in our relationships.

We believe that celebration is more important than condemnation.

We believe that God is more concerned with what you can be than what you were.

God cares about you. At PUMC,
He expects us to as well.
So we do.
No judgement.
No questions.

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When & Where

Map of Pendleton United Methodist Church Pendleton SC 29670

217 S Broad St

Pendleton, SC 29670

9am In-Person Modern Service (Social  Hall)

9am Live Stream Modern Service

10am Sunday School

11am In-Person Traditional Service (Sanctuary)

11am Live Stream Traditional Service